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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
HA12155NT Audio Signal Processor for Cassette Deck (Dolby B/C-type NR with Recording System) Hitachi
Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics Hitachi
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HA12155NT Datasheet PDF : HA12155NT pdf   
HA12155NT image

HA12155NT/HA12157NT is silicon monolithic bipolar IC providing Dolby noise reduction system*, electrical volume system, REC equalizer system and level meter system in one chip.

• Inductor less REC equalizer is adjustable of its characteristics by external resistor
• Rec level is adjustable automatically with electrical volume which is built-in
• 3 type of input selection is available (one is by way of electrical volume)
• Separate input selection SW and REC/PB SW
• Dolby noise reduction with dubbing cassette decks
   (Unprocessed signal output available from recording out terminals during PB mode)
• Log-compressed level meter output is range from 0 V to 5 V
   (Usable as music search switchable gain of 0 dB and 20 dB respectivily)
• Normal-speed/high-speed (Double), normal/metal/chrome fully electronic control switching built-in
• NR-ON/OFF, Dolby B/C, MPX ON/OFF fully electronic control switching built-in
   (Controllable from micro-controller directly)
• Reduction of number of pin by transfered serial data to electronic volume control switching and another
   control switching
   (Controllable from micro-controller directly)
• Low external parts count

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