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EBS25UC8APFA Datasheet PDF - Elpida Memory, Inc

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
EBS25UC8APFA 256MB Unbuffered SDRAM DIMM Elpida
Elpida Memory, Inc Elpida
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EBS25UC8APFA Datasheet PDF : EBS25UC8APFA pdf   
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The EBS25UC8APFA is 32M words × 64 bits, 1 bank Synchronous Dynamic RAM Registered Module, mounted 8 pieces of 256M bits SDRAM sealed in TSOP package. This module provides high density and large quantities of memory in a small space without utilizing the surface mounting technology. Decoupling capacitors are mounted on power supply line for noise reduction.

• Fully compatible with 8 bytes DIMM: JEDEC standard outline
• 168-pin socket type dual in line memory module (DIMM)
    - PCB height: 34.93mm (1.38inch )
    - Lead pitch: 1.27mm
• 3.3V power supply
• Clock frequency: 133MHz (max.)
• LVTTL interface
• Data bus width: × 64 non-ECC
• Single pulsed /RAS
• 4 Banks can operates simultaneously and independently
• Burst read/write operation and burst read/single write operation capability
• Programmable burst length (BL): 1, 2, 4, 8
• 2 variations of burst sequence
    - Sequential
    - Interleave
• Programmable /CAS latency (CL): 2, 3
• Byte control by DQMB
• Refresh cycles: 8192 refresh cycles/64ms
• 2 variations of refresh
    - Auto refresh
    - Self refresh


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