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DAC5670I Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
DAC5670I 14-Bit 2.4-GSPS Digital-to-Analog Converter TI
Texas Instruments TI
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DAC5670I Datasheet PDF : DAC5670I pdf   
DAC5670 image

The DAC5670 is a 14-bit 2.4-GSPS digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with dual demultiplexed differential input ports. The DAC5670 is clocked at the DAC sample rate and the two input ports run at a maximum of 1.2 GSPS. An additional reference bit input sequence is used to adjust the output clock delay to the data source, optimizing the internal data latching clock relative to this reference bit with a delay lock loop (DLL). Alternatively, the DLL may be bypassed and the timing interface managed by controlling DATA setup and hold timing to DLYCLK.

• 14-Bit Resolution
• 2.4-GSPS Maximum Update Rate Digital to Analog Converter
• Dual Differential Input Ports
    – Even/Odd Demultiplexed Data
    – Maximum 1.2-GSPS Each Port, 2.4-GSPS Total
    – Dual 14-Bit Inputs + 1 Reference Bit
    – DDR Output Clock
    – DLL Optimized Clock Timing Synchronized to Reference Bit
    – LVDS and HyperTransport™ Voltage Level Compatible
    – Internal 100-Ω Terminations for Data and Reference Bit Inputs
• Selectable 2 Times Interpolation With Fs/2 Mixing
• Differential Scalable Current Outputs: 5 to 30 mA
• On-Chip 1.2-V Reference
• 3.3-V Analog Supply Operation
• Power Dissipation: 2 W
• 252-Ball GDJ Package

• Test and Measurement: Arbitrary Waveform Generator
• Communications

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