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CXD2027R Datasheet PDF - Sony Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
CXD2027R DBS Audio Signal Processor Sony
Sony Semiconductor Sony
Other PDF  no available.
CXD2027R Datasheet PDF : CXD2027R pdf   
CXD2027R image

The CXD2027Q/R are audio signal processors designed for DBS applications. These LSIs perform all digital processing from QPSK demodulation to analog audio output on a single chip.

    QPSK and PCM demodulators and DAC output are configured on a single chip.
    Descrambler interface according to the COATEC system and SkyPort system .

QPSK demodulator
    • Carrier, clock and data regeneration
    • ALC and VCXO adjustment-free
PCM demodulator
    • Frame sync protection by correlation detection
    • De-interleaving and descrambling
    • BCH error correction, range bit error correction
    • Audio data range control
        Expansion from 10 to 14 bits in A mode
        Upper bit majority correction in B mode
    • Control sign integration correction, chargeable flag integration correction by master frame synchronization
    • Interface output for external DAC
    • Digital interface output
1-bit DAC output
    • Quadruple oversampling filter
    • Digital de-emphasis circuit
    • 1-bit stereo DAC with 2nd-order ∆∑ format noise shaper
        S/N ratio : 90dB (Typ.)
        Distortion : 0.011% (Typ.)
CPU interface
    • I2C bus
Descrambler interface
    • COATEC system, SkyPort system
Mute functions
    • Error occurrence frequency detection mute
    • Audio chargeable flag detection mute
    • Control sign (B7) detection mute

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