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AZ100EL16VO Datasheet PDF : AZ100EL16VO pdf     
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The AZ10/100EL16VO is an oscillator gain stage with a high gain output buffer including an enable. The QHG/Q¯ HG outputs have a voltage gain several times greater than the Q/Q¯ outputs. An enable input (EN ¯¯ ) allows continuous oscillator operation. When EN ¯¯ is LOW or floating (NC), input data is passed to both sets of outputs. When EN ¯¯ is HIGH, the QHG/Q¯ HG outputs will be forced LOW/HIGH respectively, while input data will continue to be passed to the Q/Q¯ outputs. The EN ¯¯ input can be driven with an ECL/PECL signal or a CMOS logic signal.
The input impedance of the D/D¯ inputs remain constant for all operating modes since forcing the outputs via the EN ¯¯ pin does not power-down the chip but only disables the high gain QHG/Q¯ HG outputs.
Input protection diodes are included on the D/D¯ inputs for enhanced ESD protection.
The EL16VO also provides a VBB output that supports 1.5mA sink/source current. When used, the VBB pin should be bypassed to ground or VCC via a 0.01μF capacitor.
Any used output must have an external pull down resistor. For 3.3V operation, an 180Ω resistor to VEE is recommended if an AC coupled load is present. At 5.0V, a 330Ω resistor is recommended for the AC load case. Alternately, a 50Ω load terminated to VCC – 2V or the Thevenin equivalent may be driven directly. Unused outputs may be left floating (NC).

• Green and RoHS Compliant Available
• 250ps Propagation Delay on Q¯ Output
• High Voltage Gain vs. Standard EL16
• For Oscillator Applications
• Available in 2x2 or 3x3mm MLP Package
• 75kΩ Enable Pull-Down Resistor
• S–Parameter (.s2p) and IBIS Model
   Files Available on Arizona Microtek Website

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