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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
AM186 High Performance, 80C186-/80C188-Compatible and 80L186-/80L188-Compatible, 16-Bit Embedded Microcontrollers AMD
Advanced Micro Devices AMD
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AM186 Datasheet PDF : AM186 pdf   
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The Am186™ES/ESLV and Am188™ES/ESLV microcontrollers are an ideal upgrade for 80C186/188 and 80L186/188 microcontroller designs requiring 80C186/188 and 80L186/188 compatibility, increased performance, serial communications, and a direct bus interface.

■ E86™ family 80C186-/188- and 80L186-/188- compatible microcontrollers with enhanced bus interface
    — Lower system cost with higher performance
    — 3.3-V ±0.3-V operation (Am186ESLV and Am188ESLV microcontrollers)
■ High performance
    — 20-, 25-, 33-, and 40-MHz operating frequencies
    — Supports zero-wait-state operation at 25 MHz with 100-ns static memory (Am186ESLV and Am188ESLV microcontrollers) and 40 MHz with 70-ns static memory (Am186ES and Am188ES microcontrollers)
    — 1-Mbyte memory address space
    — 64-Kbyte I/O space
■ Enhanced features provide improved memory access and remove the requirement for a 2x clock input
    — Nonmultiplexed address bus
    — Processor operates at the clock input frequency
    — On the Am186ES/ESLV microcontroller, 8-bit or 16-bit memory and I/O static bus option
■ Enhanced integrated peripherals provide increased functionality, while reducing system cost
    — Thirty-two programmable I/O (PIO) pins
    — Two full-featured asynchronous serial ports allow full-duplex, 7-bit, 8-bit, or 9-bit data transfers
    — Serial port hardware handshaking with CTS, RTS, ENRX, and RTR selectable for each port
    — Multidrop 9-bit serial port protocol
    — Independent serial port baud rate generators
    — DMA to and from the serial ports
    — Watchdog timer can generate NMI or reset
    — A pulse-width demodulation option
    — A data strobe, true asynchronous bus interface option included for DEN
    — Pseudo static RAM (PSRAM) controller includes auto refresh capability
    — Reset configuration register
■ Familiar 80C186/80L186 peripherals
    — Two independent DMA channels
    — Programmable interrupt controller with up to eight external and eight internal interrupts
    — Three programmable 16-bit timers
    — Programmable memory and peripheral chip-select logic
    — Programmable wait state generator
    — Power-save clock divider
■ Software-compatible with the 80C186/80L186 and 80C188/80L188 microcontrollers with widely available native development tools, applications, and system software
■ A compatible evolution of the Am186EM and Am188™EM microcontrollers
■ Available in the following packages:
    — 100-pin, thin quad flat pack (TQFP)
    — 100-pin, plastic quad flat pack (PQFP)


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