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A23W8308 Datasheet PDF - AMIC Technology

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
A23W8308 262,144 X 8 BIT CMOS MASK ROM AMIC
AMIC Technology AMIC
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A23W8308 Datasheet PDF : A23W8308 pdf   
A23W8308M image

General Description
The A23W8308 high-performance Read Only Memory is configured as 262,144 x 8 bits. It is designed to be compatible with all microprocessors and similar applications where high-performance, large-bit storage, and simple interfacing are important design considerations. This device is designed for use with operating voltage from 3V to 5V.

■ 262,144 x 8 bit organization
■ Wide power supply range : +2.7V to +5.5V
■ Access time: 120 ns (max.)/5V
■ 150 ns (max.)/3V
■ Current: Operating: 50mA (max.)/5V 15mA (max.)/3V Standby: 50mA (max.)/5V 25mA (max.)/3V
■ Mask Programmed for Chip Enable (power-down) CE/ CE , Output Enable OE/ OE /NC
■ Three-state outputs for wired-OR expansion
■ Full static operation
■ All inputs and outputs are directly TTL-compatible
■ Available in 32-pin DIP, 32-pin SOP, 32-pin PLCC packages or in DICE FORM.

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