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The TL16C552A is an enhanced dual-channel version of the popular TL16C550B asynchronous
communications element (ACE). The device serves two serial input/output interfaces imultaneously in microcomputer or microprocessor-based systems. Each channel performs serial-to-parallel conversion on data characters received from peripheral devices or modems and parallel-to-serial conversion on data characters transmitted by the CPU. The complete status of each channel of the dual ACE can be read at any time during functional operation by the CPU. The information obtained includes the type and condition of the transfer operations being performed and the error conditions encountered.

• IBM PC/ATCompatible
• Two TL16C550 ACEs
• Enhanced Bidirectional Printer Port
• 16-Byte FIFOs Reduce CPU Interrupts
• Up to 16-MHz Clock Rate for up to 1-Mbaud Operation
• Transmit, Receive, Line Status, and Data Set Interrupts on Each Channel Independently Controlled
• Individual Modem Control Signals for Each Channel
• Programmable Serial Interface
Characteristics for Each Channel:
– 5-, 6-, 7-, or 8-Bit Characters
– Even, Odd, or No Parity Bit Generation and Detection
– 1-, 1-1/2-, or 2-Stop Bit Generation
• 3-State Outputs Provide TTL Drive for the Data and Control Bus on Each Channel
• Hardware and Software Compatible With TL16C452


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